killiney FAQS
Can I make a reservation?

We serve as semi-service section for you to immerse in our friendly environment. So instead of making a reservation, pick your very own table by walk-in. And of course, no service charge will be charged.

Any non spicy food for children?

Although we insisits in presenting the authentic taste from Singapore with slight touch of spiciness. We care for what you and your children and we offer kids' meal for you. The set is spicy-free and a definite pamper for your children.

Why I cannot look for the food I find from other branches?

At Killiney, our shops are encouraged to cater to the individual taste and flavors of their respective locations.  Apart from our ala carte menu, we also add exciting dishes, unique for different locations. Explore our different branches for surprising new flavors.

Can I pick the level of spiciness for laksa?

Killiney standardises the spiciness of our sauces and uplift the aroma with mildly spiciness. And we will add extra chilli sauce on top of laksa and mee siam, you are welcomed to personalize your bowl with adjustment request. For those who are not a fan of spicy dishes, try our Hainanese chicken with rice for another touch of Killiney.

Do you have individually packed kaya for sale? Where can I get it?

Our apology, this is only available from Singapore and currently we do not offer it from Hong Kong branches. Yet we have laksa sauce, curry chicken sauce and white coffee individual pack for your selection. For details, please refer to retail package. And for those who loves kaya, simply drop by and enjoy the freshest taste at one of our branches.

I've got the laksa sauce and curry chicken sauce pack. but do not know how to cook them, do you have any suggestions?

We want you to bring the authentic taste home, so we've already printed with recipes and instructions on applications. Apart from the sauce from Killiney, you need to get extra coconut milk / evaporated milk to enhance the authentic flavours.

Here comes some cooking tips:

  • Each box carries an independent pack of laksa / curry chicken sauce serving a portion of 6-8 persons, and is flexible to adjust the portion.
  • Refrigerate it after opened and consume is within 7 days for the best flavours.
  • When cooking, add the coconut milk / evaporated milk after switching off the file.
    Slightly stir. This can prevent the high temperature from affecting the taste of coconut milk.
What is white coffee? How is it different from regular coffee?

White coffee differs from regular coffee in its post-roast color in less dark. Milk and sugar are added during roast for white coffee, and low-to-medium fire strength is used for roasting to retain the color and aroma of coffee beans. White coffee has a comparatively less caffein and energy content and smooth with silky finishing. For details, please refer to retail package.

I am allergic to certain food, are there any menu you can provide?

Since most of the offerings including laksa, mee siam includes seafood, garlic, chilli, etc; and kaya also includes egg and lactose, so it is not fit for lactose-free vegetarian.