For centuries, the Southeast Asian spice trade within the Strait of Malacca allowed flavours and tastes to evolve and refine over time through a marriage of ethnic cultures. Killiney Kopitiam, for nearly a hundred years, preserves the essence of flavours and tastes from the spice trade, proudly bringing you today a savoury Singaporean Kopitiam experience from the exotic region.

  • We provide first-rate service to our customers, to our fellow team members, and to our community.
  • We build upon our organization through expanding our vision, strengthening our teamwork, and striving for improvement continuously.
  • We foster an entrepreneurial spirit and mutually encourage ambitious achievers through dedicated work and proper recognition – all with a big smile.
SINCE 1919

Killiney Kopitiam started from humble beginnings as a small shop in 1919, formerly known as Kheng Heo Heng Coffee Shop, located at 67 Killiney Road. It was a common Hainanese coffee shop, serving quality-brewed coffee and tea.


As a regular customer for over 15 years, Mr. Woon Tek Seng wanted to preserve the Hainanese culture. The previous owner was retiring, so Mr. Woon bought the shop over in order to continue the tradition he strongly supported. Three key Hainanese kitchen staffs from the original shop remained on board, passing along their skills of producing quality coffee and kaya.


In 1998, Mr. Woon opened a second branch in Siglap, providing jobs for his friends and ex-staff whom were unemployed.


In March 2001, the first Killiney franchise opened its doors at Serangoon Gardens. That same year, Mr. Woon opened Killiney’s first overseas branch in Kuala Lumpur.


In October 2006, Mr. Woon Tek Seng was presented with the Spirit of Enterprise Award (SOE) for his entrepreneurial spirit in proliferating Killiney Kopitiam across Southeast Asia. In November 2006, Killiney Kopitiam received the Heritage Brand Award from the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME).


In the 2008 Singapore Book of Records, the original branch on 67 Killiney Road was listed as the “Oldest Existing Hainanese Coffeeshop”.


Today, Killiney Kopitiam still continues to enrich people’s lives through traditional Hainanese brewed coffee and tea, standing ready to serve the people who made it what it is today. When one mentions Killiney, the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the captivating taste of crispy kaya toast comes to mind. Serving simple breakfast sets that warms the hearts of many, it is a brand trusted by generations for its quality and taste. Taste the Killiney Heritage for yourself. Indulge in a cup of wholesome goodness. We call it “The Killiney Experience”.